Cruise in Slow Motion With Rimagna and UPPER’s Slick Neo-Soul Track “Michel”

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Salute to the musicians who are doing it for themselves, like DaFuture, a two-year-old Mexican electronic collective. This soulful hip-hop single from crew founder and producer UPPER and MC Rimagna is a smooth ride. Vibes: an expensive car cruising past in television-commercial slow motion. Rimagna is in the back seat, giving you the pick-up lines to go with slow finger snaps and UPPER’s other machinations. You should probably just get in.

“Michel,” a cut from Rimagna’s upcoming Súmmum EP, is the latest release from the collective, which started operations back in the beginning of 2014.  The crew is on the brink of embarking on their Adult Swim tour that will take them through Mexico City, Monterrey, Puebla, Guadalajara, other cities — and to the next level, if you judge from the hustle being shown by members like Macross 82-99, Omaar (who also rolls with the NAAFI crew), and Guadalajara’s FΛcy SedΛted.

Rolling Stone Mexico recently chose DaFuture as one the country’s top collectives to follow. They’re in good company; the country’s had a strong indie showing over the last few years with the rise of other successful experimental music networks and collectives that have taken production, marketing, and event creation into their own hands versus waiting for the music industry to do it for them.

UPPER’s producing career started four years ago, but the DaFuture founder started DJing parties back when he was just 13. Recently, he has been putting out synthetic chill trap jams that vibe perfectly with the relaxed flows of Rimagna, who may well be the only DaFuture rapper who counts jazz among his musical influences. Check past collaboration “Max Payne” for more evidence from this duo that something big is brewing in their home of Coacalco, the Estado de México barrio that is a quick train ride north from the central neighborhoods of Mexico City.

Check out tour dates for DaFuture’s Adult Swim Tour below: