Dani Shivers’ “Dreams Of Death II” Video Announces A Whole New Era For The Singer

Tijuana’s premiere synth siren is finally back after a period of sporadic activity. “Dreams Of Death II” is just the beginning of a whole new phase for Dani, and it’s quite a beginning she has prepared here for us.

The DIY video, handled by Shivers herself with Yeyé Del Toro, depicts scenes of life and death in the animal kingdom. We see lions, goats and snakes eating, hunting, running and giving birth; all the while Dani enchants the camera with her presence. The final part of the video is very crude, a time lapse that lasts just a very few seconds, but it will leave a mark on viewers playing close attention. This song isn’t called “Dance Of Death” for nothing.

You can download the song for free right here, an electro-goth number with Shivers’ impossibly sweet vocals juxtaposed against the black digital veils.