Dany F’s Cumbia Bonita Record Is Made for Classy Grinding

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Medellín based producer Dany F is always trying to go a little further when it comes to dance music. A true student of Latin genres, he has a background in successfully producing genre combinations like Tropical House or Rave Champeta, and those abilities are on display again on his EP Cumbia Bonita where he explores a branch he dubs “Deep Cumbia”.

In a Latin American dictionary of music genres, cumbia is probably the closest synonym to fun, and as a man with a sense of humor (just have a look at his Twitter feed), Dany F takes cumbia’s traditional beats, slows them down and combines them with simple synth melodies that no matter how laid-back they feel, always offer a good excuse to grind with some class (and maybe a smile on your face).

While the album opener “Bonita feat. BTP” is a minimalistic delayed cumbia-meets-dembow track, other songs like “Lady” and “Luceritos” take deep house synths and techno drums to give us the true definition of deep cumbia. The futuristic “Metropolis” excels in combining long lasting synth notes with a more aggressive güiro-driven beat and the final “En Palenque Hay Velorio” distances itself a little from cumbia but shows the funny side of this young producer.

Cumbia Bonita is an example of how a traditional genre won’t die if it gets in the right hands. The EP is already available through Bandcamp.