Dany F’s First Vinyl on Cómeme Blends House Music With Afro Latino Roots

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Wouhau, Dany F’s first release with the Cómeme label is finally out, and he’s come a long way since he started getting attention for mixing cumbia, champeta and dembow into house tracks.

On the first two tracks “Magia” and “Monitos de la Selva,” the young, Medellín-based producer channels the Cómeme sound: an elegant, sinuous, tropical approach to house. This is a sound producers like Cómeme’s mastermind Matías Aguayo have developed and made popular in many releases.

On the B side, the old school drums and the spooky synths of “Wouhau” hint at a more playful set of tracks. The dembow beat in the title track and the cumbia güiro on “Quiero Love” tint the songs with Latino colors and showcase the dope genre hybrids Dany F is know for.

The celebration of cultural hybrids is one of the reasons Cómeme even exists – Aguayo is a Chilean-born, Germany-raised producer after all – and in these two tracks Dany F builds fun, dancey songs with the perfect blend of his influences.

I don’t know if Wouhau is Dany F’s best release or the most likely to put him on the map, given it lacks the strong personality he’s shown in the past. But keep an eye on him – you’ll find a talented producer with good works to his name and a love for his Afro-Latino heritage that shows in every release, Wouhau included.