David Kano Modernizes (Ever More) El Columpio Asesino’s “Ballenas Muertas En San Sebastián”

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The band with the best name ever, El Columpio Asesino, sharpened the knife and carved out the edge of their track “Ballenas Muertas En San Sebastián” with a new David Kano remix.If you thought the other track was the soundtrack to dancing in a cocktail bar, this one is its bottle service older brother getting super freaky in a totally controlled, classy way. The remix is recognizable, respecting the structure and natural build of the original, yet highlighting its assests. Cristina Martínez’s vocals sit cleaner in this remix, moving them more center stage while still keeping the satisfying crescendo as we break into the chorus. Also, it manages to feel more epic than the original, and despite being almost twice as long, it feels like it passes in a heartbeat. Part Moenia part Depeche Mode but fully adult, this remix delivers.

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