DC’s Resident Tropicaliente Band Empresarios Give Devo the Dub Treatment

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Besides being the main party-rocking band in their town, DC’s Empresarios are also known for their versatility. They can go from ñu-cumbia to funky Latin house and from reggaetón to dub without loosing their tropicaliente identity.

So, it’s not totally surprising to also see them doing unofficial remixes of other artists (in fact, last time we saw them here they were remixing Hector Lavoe)– it’s something they do just for fun, to pay tribute to their influences, and to share with their followers. It was initially a bit surprising, however, that they went with Devo (an iconic new wave band from the early ’80s) for their latest remix, but once you listen to what they did with the track, giving it their trademark dub treatment, well, it perfectly fits into their repertoire.

In the meantime, Empresarios are working hard to finish their new LP, scheduled to drop sometime in early 2015 (no title yet, but it’ll include guest appearances by Ephniko and Sasaley Orquestra).