Looks Like “Twerking” Has Reached Argentina

When my editor informed me I’d be writing about butts I was like “WHAT?!” just like DMX. Then I watched the video, and I was like “UNHHHHH!” also just like DMX.

All the fuss comes courtesy of De La Calle, a cumbia callejera/reggaeton/baile duo from Argentina. Their latest is “Vamos A Bailar” – I’m sure you can decipher the theme. The video is an Argentine interpretation of  hip-hop video tropes: alcohol, a big house party, post-hangover day drinking, ass shaking, etc. They even have hip hop’s latest accessory: Justin Bieber. Well, technically it’s an Argentine Justin Bieber look-a-like with a keytar. Close enough. Also, keep an ear peeled for the Major Lazer “Bumaye” reference.

We won’t pretend the twerk attempts were the best we’ve seen, but there are a few gif-worthy meneaditas in there.

Sidenote: thumbs down to that Chelsea jersey.