Dean Blunt and Arca Collab “Meditation” Is a Sinister Hip-Hop Nightmare

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Babyfather, the side project of quirky ex-Hype Williams member Dean Blunt unveiled earlier this year, is back with a new track co-produced by Venezuelan-born producer Arca. The end result is the at once soothing and disturbing “Meditation,” which takes the listener on a journey from sweet dreams to nightmares.

The combination of Blunt’s mellow, sing-songy bars and the soul instrumental – which is interspersed with arguments, street confrontations, and babies crying – makes for a confounding yet irresistible listen.

Arca’s fingerprints are definitely present on this one, mostly through a sound that evokes some of the darkness of his own work (including the recently released “EN,” off his forthcoming sophomore album Mutant) and warmer yet still mysterious production he’s done for the likes of FKA Twigs. The combination of Arca’s touch and Blunt’s own hypnotic vocals and samples makes for a mesmerizing collaboration we hope is the first of many.