Deep and Inventive Techno Sounds on Jorge Balarezo’s Debut EP “Influence”

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On his debut EP Influence, Peruvian-born and Brooklyn-based techno producer Jorge Balarezo, showcases a deft production touch that allows for any great number of emotional cues to be tapped via his deep and intriguing work.

The eponymous single is a tinkling thumper that fidgets and moves into the mind and takes the subconscious on a delightful, yet strange journey. “Altitude” is more traditionally dark, the reverberating bassline and melody giving the track an airy and elastic quality that meets its title’s promise. “Tropic of Capricorn” wins with its brazen experimentation. The bassline never quite drops and locks into place, so the production has this feeling of being an ever-submerging mass in a broad sea of dissonance.

As inventive as it is impressive, Balarezo’s debut offers much in the way of virtuosity and promise, too.