Delorean Share Psychedelic, Vaporwave-Inspired “Crystal” Video

Back in June, Spanish quartet Delorean released their latest single, “Crystal,” through their own PHLEX imprint. We’ve pointed out the infectious qualities of the track’s 80s-inspired instrumentation and the stunning vocal contribution by Hanin Zueiter. Now they’ve paired the song with a breathtaking set of visuals, created by director Joan Guasch.

Guasch 3D scanned the video’s two main characters and manipulated those images to narrate the stages of their relationship. It’s fantastic to see how the characters start out looking like broken stone statues and slowly morph into more real but still dismembered human figures. He also created textures to complement the visuals through a technique called photogrammetry, analyzing over 2,500 different pictures. Beyond the impressive technical aspects of the clip, the video is a gorgeous journey through color and shape that sometimes resembles the vaporwave aesthetic.

“Crystal” is out now via PHLEX. Keep your eyes peeled for Delorean’s new album, slated for early 2016.