Dënver Debuts a New 90s Europop Sound in “Los Vampiros”

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The months of secrecy about Dënver’s fourth album Sangre Cita ended last night with the release of new single “Los Vampiros.” The track marks a shift in Dënver’s organic sound, which seems to be headed in more of a plastic pop direction.

The synth-driven, 90s Europop glory that is “Los Vampiros” is a surprisingly good crossover from a band that’s used to relying on string feedbacks and/or brass sections to create atmosphere. Milton Mahan’s vocals channel Miguel Bosé, and there’s nothing to do but surrender and dance along.

The band has stated that this recording process was very different from their previous projects, with both Mariana Montenegro and Mahan handing over the reins to Pablo Muñoz, (the other half of Mahan’s side project De Janeiros).

Sangre Cita has no release date yet and the band claims it hasn’t been finished. But so far we know it will also feature vocals by Muñoz, (me llamo) Sebastián, and Fanny Leona (Playa Gótica). Keep your eyes peeled for a “Los Vampiros” video out soon.

Catch Dënver at Viva Pomona and Chicago’s Ruidofest.