Derek Nova Gets Turnt On “Encapricciao”

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The good people at Lv Ciudvd from PR got your week covered. Thanks to their efforts, soon you won’t have a single day without new music. We’ve already come to know and love #JuevesDeLvCiudvd the latest installment featuring Alvaro Díaz’s hater-basher “Ares,” featuring brilliant minimalistic production from Orteez and the game-killing skills we have come to expect and love from Díaz). But it’s time to update your calendars because they’re now introducing #DerekTuesday.

That’s right, the focus of this Tuesday’s joint is up-and-coming R&B crooner Derek Novah, a man who (judging from this cut) can do it all: He sings, also does some Drake-inspired sing-song style hip-hop couplets, and even raps like the best of them. “Encapricciao” is a perfect display for Novah, thanks to Caleb Calloway’s always spot-on production that’s bouncy and prodigious at the same time. The beat allows Derek to do his thing, shifting from part to part, style and flow, effortlessly.