Let Diego Raposo + Seyer’s Breezy Bass EP Take You Back to Summer

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We recently gave some love to the Dominican beat scene via Bacayne’s new Azure Magic EP, the latest of a string of new releases from Santo Domingo’s Stereoptico imprint. Now, it’s MITEL DICO’s turn. Two members of the Santiago de los Caballeros crew, Diego Raposo and José Alejandro (who now goes by the Seyer alias), got together to release a collaborative EP through Point Records.

Maybe features three brand new tracks – a collaborative work, plus two new pieces from each of them – that highlight their shared love for breezy, danceable, and honey-sweet atmospheres. “Sauce” is an irresistible mix of airy dembow and hints of funk carioca lifted by fluttery synths and a contagious melody in a kalimba-like cloud. The title track, a joint effort, takes a similar direction, but with a more laidback tempo that calls for romance under the palm trees. Closing track “Thoughts” takes the glossiness and whimsy of Shibuya-kei, Jersey club’s fast breaks, trap’s attitude, and a drop of merengue to create a cute Frankenstein monster – with no seams in sight.

The duo completed the EP with two previously released solo tracks, adding to the collection’s consistency. One of them is Diego Raposo’s “High,” first premiered here at Remezcla, where he shows a more experimental edge. Meanwhile, Seyer’s “AHH,” off his 2015 EP of the same name (and his last as José Alejandro) corrupts a Soulection-esque beat with a heavy dembow riddim.

Maybe is weaved together by seamless harmonies, pillowy percussion, and mallet sounds like marimbas and xylophones, creating a tight and coherent collection overall. Are they sure they haven’t been doing this together for years?