Dinamarca Brings Caribbean Beats to Sweden With ‘Collabs 2K15’

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Chilean producer Dinamarca and the Staycore 117 crew have had a very active 2015, delivering their brand of Stockholm-bred dancehall, soca, and electro beats from their home base to the rest of the globe. With that in mind, Dinamarca released a collection of some of his work with other beatmakers earlier this week, aptly titled Collabs 2K15.

Like Dinamarca’s last release, 2014’s No Hay Break, the songs are heavily influenced by dembow and reggaeton. However, Collabs also finds Dinamarca and his collaborators exploring more high-intensity Caribbean and moombah rhythms on tracks like “Hexa” and “Mario’s Interference.” Teaming up with folks like Kid Antoine, L-Vis 1990, Toxe, and Kablam, the set is a pulsating compilation that’s sure to get your feet stomping and hips dutty whining. Now we just have to wait and see what’s to come in 2016.