Dirk Largo Embark on a Deep House Odyssey on ‘Seasoned EP’

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New York-based duo Dirk Largo take us on a trip with their latest project, Seasoned EP, exploring all sorts of electronic sounds with sprawling and dynamic tracks. With every song clocking in at around seven to eight minutes, the deep house and minimal techno grooves take their time to develop, but always find a way of keeping up. It’s truly a wide-ranging set fit for a breezy warm-up slot at the club, or staying in and just kicking back.

On “HI 5,” the opening track, a bass groove pumps through with subtle instrumentation – a piano and guitar dance back and forth with their chords and melodies. The second half of the track starts to feel like a jam session, with all sorts of processed instruments coming in and out of the mix in a controlled, focused chaos.

On “CERVEZA Y KIPE,” a clanging bassline slowly churns behind a crisp acoustic guitar playing flamenco melodies. It’s a cool mix of synthetic and organic sounds, and the creative progression keeps the track driving forward. It’s a sonic surprise – minimalist and maximalist at the same time, and the diverse nature of all the sounds really catch you off guard.

The project closes with “COOKING UP A STORM,” which picks up the pace and works up a frenetic groove behind spacey synths. There’s a hypnotic vocal lifted by creative beat arrangement. The techno vibes right in the middle of the EP really do cook up a storm.

These guys have carefully crafted a breezy yet dense set that keeps you on your toes. All three tracks have a distinct vibe, but belong together cohesively, making this EP an adventure from start to finish.