Disco Ruido’s Radio Futura Never Stops to Catch Its Breath

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DF has a thing for electro. You know it and you feel it in large music festivals, when hundreds of kids start dancing at the same time just by hearing the oontz oontz in between the sets and then go crazy when an actual DJ climbs on the stage. Hundreds of others in Mexico have worked on their own projects to make those kids dance like that, and the guys from Disco Ruido are a big part of that scene.

Julián PlascenciaNariño Tierno, and Peto met way back when they were teenagers and their passion has always been to create that spontaneous reaction on the dance floor, but with their own mark—a good first impression that you can find in any of their works as DJs, composers, and performers.

Their most recent record Radio Futura has it, and the surprising fact that now they seem more synchronized with what they always wanted: a collection of different voices and journey through the different possibilities (let’s say genres) of electronic music.

Clearly influenced by the contemporary synth-pop and techno house of the ’80s, Radio Futura is sometimes playful (“El Laberinto”), sometimes groovy (“Estacional”), really catchy and memorable (“Zombies,” “Alegría”), and it never stops to catch its breath. Yet their live performances are the place when all descriptions fall into place.

They will be performing at Ceremonia, which is not exactly in Mexico City but will probably gather some of their DF audience; an almost-homecoming gig no techno fan should miss.

Radio Futura is available is now in the US on Nacional Records.