Chile’s Discos Pegaos Marks 5 Years of DIY Electronic Music With a Colossal 2-Disc Compilation

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Beloved Chilean imprint Discos Pegaos is turning five years old this year, but it sure feels like they’ve been around forever. It didn’t take them long after their three inaugural releases, Chimpancé, Tótem, and Bobby Fischer (from the label’s co-founders Vaskular, DeMentira, and Motivado, respectively) to become a go-to reference for the nation’s electronic scene, representing a variety of genres that include house, techno, hip-hop, and disco, to name a few. It has also become a hub for like-minded producers to connect and support each other, explore new ideas and approaches, and produce fruitful collaborations.

Those are excellent reasons to celebrate, and the Discos Pegaos crew knows it. That’s why they just put out a colossal compilation simply called Discos Pegaos Cinco, which, over the course of 25 tracks, highlights all of the artists that have been protagonists in the label’s history. Cinco includes both exclusive new tracks and some “greatest hits” from past releases, and it will soon get a physical, two-disc release.

On disc one, standout tracks include Alpha S’ melodic trapbow number “Temperatura,” Motivado’s “Pavimento,” which finds him flirting with Italo disco alongside Argentine singer Violeta Castillo; Janaki and his uplifting house song “Kytril,” Valesuchi’s mechanic and unsettling “Festina Lente,” and the languid seduction of AyeAye’s “Yawrhinka Wrong Yuqa.” Meanwhile, disc two is dedicated to remembering some of the best tunes from the label’s discography, including tracks by Alejandro Paz vs. Roman, Fantasna, Poki Tatane, Tonossepia, Blit, and many more.

This anniversary compilation is a portrait of what Discos Pegaos has achieved in the past five years, and it’s a snapshot of their current success. As far as we can tell, Discos Pegaos seems to be in perfect health and ready for five more years of stellar music.