Fistbump Like the Undead to Spooky Vintage Naco Club-Cuts From Disque Discos

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Jalogüín is here and all parties tonight demand spooky yet dancey cuts for everybody to go berzerk. Leave it to the good folks at Disque Discos to deliver the perfect prescription for your party.

For the fourth year in a row, Disque Discos is offering a horrorific compilation. Like the best scary flicks, Discorror has a twist: the artists on the comp are mostly Italian and Spanish (although we spy with our little eye a contribution from Mexico City’s Mijo), who disguise themselves as Latinos for their turns here, or so does the label claim. Some of these could pass for something straight out of any Mexican collective, soundwise.

Dominated by sounds and melodies straight out of your typical fright flick, the music on Discorror is minimal and spacious, with enough flavor to rule your spiderweb-decorated soiree. There are only six tracks in here but they are long and the flow seamlessly to make it an ad-hoc soundtrack for the witching hour.

Head to the free download link exclusively for Remezcla family here!