Divino Niño Turn Flowers Into Hilarious, Sexy Characters on “Quiero” Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Rachel Cabitt
Photo by Rachel Cabitt
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Flora has never been sexier, funnier, and freakier than on the music video for Divino Niño’s new single “Quiero.” Made by artist and collaborator Anthony Esquivel, the video fits right in with the Chicago-based quartet’s animated visual identity. The images are an oddball interpretation of the song’s trippy sounds and suggestive lyrics, where flowers and plants are caricatured to make them sing to the beat of the track. Try not to crack up with all the funny faces and the bee-on-flower sexual action, and hallucinate with a spiral-eyed sunflower singing the chorus in the middle of a kaleidoscopic swirl.

“The ‘Quiero’ video began when I was experimenting with personifying flowers from gardens and making some jungle inspired visualizers out of my own plants,” explains Esquivel, who first encountered Divino Niño’s music back in 2015. “I had an arsenal of flower characters to start from, then [band member] Camilo [Medina] made some of his own based off screenshots of flowers I sent him. We did a few back and forths and the vid has since been in hibernation, waiting for its time to bloom.”

“Quiero” is the second track off Divino Niño’s latest album, 2019’s Foam, and it’s a delicious representation of their sound. Its psychedelic instrumentation, pop sensibility, and soft soul-tinged vocals levitate like a weekend afternoon high. “I don’t ever wanna change your mind/I wanna be with you the way that you are,” the lyrics go, setting the scene for some tender lovemaking.

Watch the video here: 

Divino Niño are currently on tour, with upcoming sold-out dates in San Francisco, South Burlington, and Brooklyn. Find a show near you here.

Foam is out now on Winspear.