Download 50 Reggaeton Bootlegs from DJ Krizis’ New Pack, an Homage to Open Source Perreo

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The Perreo Pesado crew and imprint, which is made up of DJ Krizis, DJ Rosa Pistola, and DJ Sueño Dream Lion, has been grinding for more than a minute to spread the gospel of reggaetón throughout Mexico City. As a netlabel, Perreo Pesado is also taking the art of the remix back to reggaetón’s earliest days, but in a digitized, free-for-all format – bootlegs upon more bootlegs, available for free download in an homage to open source perreo.

Producer whizkid and assumed insomniac (based on his constant output of tracks) DJ Krizis recently dropped his End of the Year Pack 2016 compilation with 50 tracks. It was a high note to wrap up the Worst Year Ever (though 2017 is proving to be quite the contender for this title). The extra-generous pack is a journey throughout the timeline of the DJ and producer’s career, with representation from “the new and the old school.” The collection boasts names from Puerto Rico, Spain, Colombia, and Peru.

End of the Year Pack 2016 is a testament to reggaetón’s forever-giving reach in inspiring fresh vocal licks on timeless riddims. The pack highlights skillful remixes on classics from the likes of Don Cheniza and Sir Speedy, while also establishing Perreo Pesado as a platform for the who’s who of up-and-comers in the underground; originals from Los Xxxulo$, Et Yomille Omar, Yung Beef, Findy la Sensación, and JQ The The #1 Contender also grace the pack. Listen closely, because few crews are as dedicated to furthering this specific sound.

DJ Krizis’ strength is also in identifying what’s going to make a party pop al nivel global, without shying away from the above-ground. He includes dembow-ified remixes of Lil’ Kim, 2Pac, The Weeknd, and even Fuego’s beloved underground hit “Se Me Nota.”

You can listen to an extra-hype 8-minute mixtape for a preview of a heap of the tracks above, or if we already have you convinced, head straight to the bootleg pack download link.

Catch Perreo Pesado’s Rosa Pistola at NYC’s Trans-Pecos or Babycastles this weekend. For more info, click here.