Lisbon DJs Dotorado and Teklas Deliver Off-Kilter Ear-Worm “Drena”

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Lisbon, Portugal’s DJ Dotorado‘s kuduro anthem “African Scream” was a viral global underground hit in 2014, and received an EP release from Enchufada this year. Looking for similar success, London’s vaunted Warp Records has released “Drena,” Dotorado’s latest hit, featuring an assist from DJ Teklas. The hollow and off-kilter percussive thump of the aforementioned smash remains, with the dry analog sounding synths playing a different, yet still fanciful melody. Digging into the same well twice rarely ever yields oil, but with a sound as fresh and exciting as this wild new riddim, Dotorado potentially could strike again here.

Grab this track and the rest of the CARGAA Part 3 collection in which it is included, here.