17-Year-Old Wunderkind Dotorado Pro Crafts Kuduro House Track “Love Marimbas”

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Dotorado Pro loves marimbas. That’s pretty clear, since they are the center of his huge summer hit “African Scream.” Our own Marcus K. Dowling predicted it’d be one of this year’s summer anthems, but Dotorado Pro actually called his new single “Love Marimbas,” and it’s fantastic. The 17-year-old Portuguese producer (!!!) is the subject of Enchufada‘s latest Upper Cuts installment, and it’s a kuduro-inflected, afro-house blast of a song. It’s pretty much in line with his previous single, sharing that song’s instant party qualities thanks to its syncopated rhythm, infectious melody, and repetitive samples, creating a sort of hypnotic dance frenzy. Kids these days, right? Download this one for free on SoundCloud.