Chicago’s Dre Green Stands Tall On Her Own On Sensual R&B Track “Let Me Know”

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Chicago singer Dre Green follows Only One, her sexy debut EP released last year on Lo Motion, with a new single called “Let Me Know.” Once again, she puts herself in the hands of Jeremiah Meece, one half of The-Drum, for the production duties, and he keeps framing the sensuality in her vocals and lyrics with some proper baby-making beats.

The track starts with a sort of cheesy ’90s-style phone call skit, where she tells her lover boy to leave her the eff alone. And this is what the song is about. She’s tired of relationships, telling us “I’m not scared to be alone,” in her breathy voice, while synth washes float over the slow beats. Around the 2:55 mark, the track gets a little more interesting, with the presence of a delayed synthesizer that makes everything bounce, and the vocals rise to her upper register.