Dromedarios Mágicos, a Raw, Acoustic Project With High Profile Fans

Few may be familiar with Diego Puerta’s bedroom acoustic project Dromedarios Mágicos, but the people know are the people whose opinion matters. Among early fans are AJ Dávila, Los Románticos de Zacatecas, and Belafonte Sensacional. But Diego’s not content with a few famous musicians singing his praises – he’s determined to make the world his fan, one intimate show at a time.

From the moment Puerta, a Chihuahua resident, uploaded his Bosque de San Marcos EP, he’s been hailed as Juan Cirerol’s successor. Yes, both are norteños who sing about heartbreak while strumming hard on their guitars; but I think the comparison doesn’t hold up entirely. Where Cirerol’s music displays firm roots in regional corridos and polkas, Dromedarios’ stuff is based on emo, and Mexican pop rock bands of the last decade. They both sing about love, but Juan relishes in the ashes of a breakup, and the all-consuming fire of passion. Diego, on the other hand, is a little more twee – pining for a beautiful girl to watch Netflix with, and sighing thinking that those moments might come to an end.

Cirerol and Dromedarios do share some common ground; namely their connection to their listeners, their no-nonsense delivery, and the desperation in their songs. Puerta’s voice is mid-rangey and sweet, and his melodies soulful. Still, there’s a rawness emanating from his feelings and bursting from his pores. It’s like punk rock, except waiting outside your school for you with cotton candy in hand.

“Pistache” is a prime example of everything that makes his effortless music so appealing. The video for the song –directed by Eduardo Makoszay for Metanoia— was filmed in Reykjavik, Iceland and shows a couple doing what normal Icelandic couples do: walking the streets, going for an ice cream, and watching the icebergs drift. It’s a very fitting piece of visual art for the DM’s music.

Maybe the Cirerol comparisons will help Dromedarios Mágicos find more listeners, but the project has enough personality to stand out on its own.