Duddi Wallace Makes “Unconventional” the New Status Quo

Lead Photo: Photo: Kova Fuente Cachero

Duddi Wallace is a Madrid-hailing MC mixing it up with flawless, on point, Spanglish flow, and incredibly intriguing instrumentals. “Unconventional” is a pretty emotive piece that’s a great addition to his already extensive catalog of serious Spanish swag drippin’ hip-hop. I like to think the video is a sort of window into the artist’s sources of inspiration: his friends and his city. It’s a rather simple concept but Wallace’s presence and style really makes you understand where he’s coming from.

Duddi is another reason to love the rap music coming from the Iberian peninsula in the last few years, he’s part of that handful of artists breaking apart from the old paradigms of their genre and reinventing it in a very elegant and fun way.