Ed Maverick Offers a Heartfelt Take on Rancheras With ‘Nos Queda Mucho Dolor Por Recorrer’ Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Daniel Patlan.
Photo by Daniel Patlan.
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Chihuahua youngster Ed Maverick took another step in his unstoppable journey to stardom last June with his single “Nos Queda Mucho Dolor Por Recorrer,” which now amasses over 3 million streams altogether. The song, in collaboration with likeminded Mazatlán artist Daniel Quién, is the first preview of Maverick’s upcoming album, which is yet to be announced.

“Nos Queda Mucho Dolor Por Recorrer” is Maverick’s heartfelt take on rancheras, amplified by instrumentation that slowly and organically builds up until it reaches swooning heights of ambiance and sing-along vocalization. He’s also in top shape as a lyricist, giving us emotionally-charged poetry fueled by the pain and disappointment that life brings us as we grow old, and the strength we need to get back up.

“In the end, this song talks about that. It doesn’t matter how old you are or the phase you’re going through, we still have a lot of things left to experience, good and bad, and we have to keep moving forward,” says Maverick on a press release. “More than a sad song, I think it’s an encouraging song.”

This concept is now beautifully translated into images on a music video directed by Neuderts, who has previously worked with Maverick on the wildly successful visuals for “Fuente de Ortiz” and “Acurrucar.” Shot in Hermosillo, the video shows the beauty of friendship and the pains of unrequited young love, as we watch a girl roll in bed while she remembers intimate moments with her two best friends. It’s a bittersweet piece that is sure to get some of us teary-eyed.

Ed Maverick is set to perform at Coachella, which has been rescheduled for 2021.