Money, Twerking & More Money in El Alfa Video “El Baile Del Dinero”

El Alfa‘s last track “El Mañanero,” featured in our recent Soundcloud Selects column, made us remember that we’re getting a little bored of dystopian club electronics and really just want more island bangers – and that’s exactly what El Alfa delivers again on “El Baile Del Dinero.” With a high pitched voice and a beat to drop it like it’s hot to, this is a song that demands a video. A video about money, girls and rappers.

Hit play for twerking, dudes making it rain, booty, stacks of cash, El Alfa rapping while holding the dough, girls partying, fat cigars made out of big denomination bills and more booty.

It doesn’t pretend to be anything else so just sit back and enjoy the sick beat and the bodacious visuals.