El Búho Shares Tender Remix of Ode to Indigenous Goddess Pachamama

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Mexico City’s El Búho is apparently a remix machine, having dropped a new edit of Manuel Vera Tudela’s “Flor Amarilla,” which originally appeared on the Sounds and Colours Perú compilation that dropped earlier this summer. It explores the country’s re-examination of indigenous and Afro-Peruvian musical traditions in contemporary scenes.

Just last month, the producer dropped Cumbias de Oro presented by Frente Bolivarista, a 14-track remix series “inspired by the 100 tracks that come in any of the classic cumbia compilations sold in every pirate market in Latin America,” taking on classics from Grupo Kual and Andrés Landero, as well as tracks from the newer generation from the likes of Chicha Libre and Quantic.

On “Flor Amarilla,” the original track from 30-year-old songwriter out of Chorrillos, Lima offers up a tender acoustic ode to La Pachamama that builds into string arrangements, pan flute samples, and children chanting the chorus. El Búho treads lightly on the edit, giving it a dreamy digital touch that counts on a chilled-out, clap-driven beat and layered melodies.

Catch El Búho live at Waco Festival on October 17 in Torreón, Mexico, alongside Sunsplash, Awwz, Sotomayor, Siete Catorce, and more.