El Dusty’s Unstoppable Electrocumbia Anthem “Trapanera” Gets a Remix EP

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The Corpus Christi producer seems to be on a never-ending mission to get people partying around the clock. He’s the self-defined forefather of electronic cumbia, an enclave of the music scene from his region, part of the Locos Only crew, and someone who seems unable to stand still. He’s one of the most promising Latino artists in the U.S. right now, proof being his signing to Aftercluv Dance Lab, a subsidiary of Universal Music Latin. He has already made strides in the world of mainstream music with a bona fide hit single, the EDM-addled tribal stomper “Trapanera.” For his next trick, he’s releasing a remix EP of that song to further reaffirm his legacy.

“Trapanera” showcases many of the elements that have come to define the broad style practiced by El Dusty. In addition to tribal (aided by Erick Rincón of 3BallMTY, no less), the track features trap beats, bass drops, and festival-size ambiance. It’s an ambitious combination that pays off in a big way.

The remixes presented here further demonstrate the eclecticism of Dusty Oliveira’s melodic and instrumental work. Bang x Zee give us an energetic take on the track, with similar changes in beat and style but never treading the same waters as Dusty. Another rework by Freaky Phillip further blurs the differences between tribal and modern dance music. Fautre adorns “Trapanera” with a swinging reggaeton beat that can fill the dancefloor in seconds, while Ghetto Vanessa relishes in a trappy cumbia beat.

One of the most inspired reworks here is Angel Hunt’s take. Her verses and chorus stand out, as she drops rhymes in the former and sings a vocal hook in Spanglish in the latter. Her turn makes the track seem like it was tailor-made for her. Elsewhere, Happy Colors delivers some out-of-control vocal samples that bring out a new direction for the track. Muzik Junkies and Ricky Mears, for their part, go full EDM with their version, which isn’t so much of a stretch for El Dusty after all.

The artwork of the single could easily adorn the hood of a low rider, tying it to El Dusty’s participation in cholo culture. These remixes prove that even though the producer is a very well-defined figure, he has scope and everything needed to conquer the broader public. “Trapanera” has further cemented itself as a hit in the ears of dancers everywhere, a song that can easily become a party starter or party stopper.