Twerking Cholas and Masked Troublemakers Take Over Corpus Christi in El Dusty’s “Cumbia Anthem” Clip

Dusty Oliveira is on a mission to establish cumbia as a prime fusion genre on dancefloors the world over. He’s been pretty active lately, and there are no signs of him slowing down. Now we have a brand new video of his collaboration with Happy Colors exclusively for your viewing pleasure.

The other mission El Dusty seems to be passionately driven to fulfill is the gospel of border culture as filtered through his experience living in Corpus Christi. He wants to establish his city as a mecca for culture, exposing many aspects of his hometown in his videos. “Cumbia Anthem” is no exception. From the get go, we see the streets of Corpus in all their splendor. Alleys full of graffiti and rusted out VW vans serve as a stage for cholas to shake it, and we see the Locos Only Crew – wearing skull masks – putting up posters on the streets. The video ends with people getting down in the club to the sounds of El Dusty, as they should be.

The video makes it clear that El Dusty intends for this track to become just what the title promises: an anthem. The Andrés Landeros sample is accented by the settings and visuals. Also, don’t miss out on the MLKMN cameo. “Cumbia Anthem” is produced by Locos Only, Produce Design Team, and Mucho Fresco.

In case you think El Dusty is about to take things easy for the rest of the year, you’re sorely mistaken. The producer will be releasing two more songs before the end of the year: “Orale” and “We Out Chea.” He’s also preparing to go on tour, where he’ll debut a brand new DJ set with a matching live show that will feature visuals, El Dusty’s turntable skills, and live percussion to add extra weight to the beats.

2015 belongs to El Dusty.