El Guincho Remixes Delorean’s “Contra” Into a Deconstructed Dembow Lullaby

Lead Photo: Photo by Adrià Cañameras

When Delorean’s latest album, Muzik, was released back in June, it felt like a return to form for the Basque quartet. They took a more organic, rock band-like route on their 2013 full-length Apar to mixed reviews, but this time they brought back the house-inflected dance pop hits for us to feast on. And now, surprisingly, we get a bonus gift from the crew and some of their friends in the form of fresh new remixes, with reworks coming from El Guincho, Madrid producer Pional, and Pedro Vian, head honcho of Modern Obscure Music.

Out of the nine songs that make up Muzik, “Contra” might be the most uplifting moment. It’s a track that builds up and up, but never quite turns into the party it promises, leaving you floating on air, lifted by the larger-than-life chorus and melody. It sounds like it’d be a piece of cake for El Guincho to take to the club, right? We thought so too, and that’s why we’re so floored by the result. The Canarian producer pretty much made a song of his own – there are new lyrics and a new beat altogether. His “Contra” remix lies somewhere between what you can find on HiperAsia and what appears on his Michael Dior mixtape; he turns down the BPMs and programs a sort of deconstructed dembow rhythm, “De Bugas”-style. He even sings the new lyrics in his now signature auto-tune. It’s official: this is an El Guincho track all the way.