El Guincho Shares “Trances 2,” a Glitchy Foray Into Techno-Inflected Pop

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Back in 2013, Pablo Díaz-Reixa (aka El Guincho) quietly shared a session he recorded as Trances, which showed a more club-oriented side of his sound, closer to projects like Four Tet or Daphni than to his previous releases. Two of the tracks were officially released on John Talabot’s Hivern Discs as a 12″ called Trances 4/5. Now he’s recovered another one of the tracks he made in that session.

Trances 2” is based on a fragment from the 1963 movie Los Tarantos, featuring singer and dancer Carmen Amaya. It’s led by a melodic synth that’s bouncy and playful, but also feels nostalgic, complemented with stuttering percussion and rippling bass lines. There’s definitely a more of a techno influence here, as the song sounds like it was spat out by a step sequence. While there’s a static sensibility to the song, you can hear it slowly morph and shift before your ears. According to Díaz-Reixa himself, “Trances 2” is his favorite song from that experiment, and we can see why.

El Guincho’s upcoming album HiperAsia will drop via Canada and Everlasting Records. You can preview two of the songs included here. The video for “Comix,” his collaboration with Mala Rodriguez, is expected to come out soon.