El Guincho Drops Bars (and Mala Rodríguez) From a Bridge in the “Comix” Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Adrià Cañameras

The bracelet edition of HiperAsiaEl Guincho‘s new album, comes with exclusive access to a Manson-directed vaporwave film called HiperAsia, La Aventura Lírica Animada, which – after watching its trailer – seems like an action-packed vintage journey. But even without the bracelet, our lives won’t be short of new visuals from the Canarian producer, since he just released the music video for his latest single, “Comix.”

The video was directed by killer production team CANADA, so we already expected two things: a high-quality product and a ton of WTF moments. They delivered both. The clip starts off with some shots of musical instruments – a throwback à la Jamiroquai’s “Virtual Insanity” video – as well as a caped Pablo Díaz-Reixa. Things get weird fast – a gang of men punch and clothe Guincho, he scratches a car, boils eggs, and even drops bars as Chef P, which seems to be his new rapper alias. Collaborator Mala Rodríguez overflows with attitude, whether it’s rapping in disco pants or falling off a bridge. It’s a wonderfully weird and expertly crafted narrative – that’s just CANADA’s signature.

HiperAsia is out February 12 on Nacional Records.