El Mayor Clasico Pops Bottles With Guariboa and D.OZi on “Paca, Botella y Cuero”

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Money, booze, and hoes – it’s a rap tale as old as time that never seems to get stale. Bearing that in mind, D.OZi, Guariboa, and El Mayor Clasico teamed up for a two-step ready banger called “Paca, Botella y Cuero.” The Middle Eastern-inspired beat, produced by frequent Guariboa collaborator Le Magic, is a mid-tempo jam with pounding bass that accentuates the three MCs’ playful delivery. The glug glug sound effects at 0:22 are as close as we’ve gotten to Missy Elliott antics in years, and right before that, El Mayor gets a little cheeky, claiming he’s here “para hacerte panties de saliva.”

The artists’ distinct styles blend surprisingly well on this track, proving that if anything can bring people together, it’s, well, paca, botella y cuero.

Based on the video teaser that leaked a few weeks ago, the forthcoming visuals will uphold the tenets of these types of records (mainly: partying and general debauchery).