El Mini and Tomasa Del Real’s “Hangover” Video is Future Reggaeton at Its Raunchiest

Picture this: Spanish rapper El Mini (or Moisturisin’ Mini if you’re feeling perreo-y), Chile’s tattooed reina de la rumba Tomasa del Real, plus N.A.A.F.I kin Paul Marmota and Lao hopping on production credits. Yep, welcome to their collaborative track “Hangover.” It doesn’t get much better than this as a way for the parallel experimental reggaeton crews to meet. On the track, the artists chronicle their indulgent nights and the sometimes inevitable resaca that follows.

The video is a cornucopia of molly, tattoos, cigarettes, and puke sessions. We dare you to keep the “miau miau” hook out of your skull for several days after listening.

These narratives are just as binge-loving and debaucherous as the Vico C days of yore. Yes, there’s been some evolution from the FL Studio aesthetic of yesteryear, but the role of the “future” aspect of the reggaeton futurístico movement remains to be seen. Judging by this track, the main difference could be that this new audience has simply embraced what was previously written off as lowbrow.