El Putazo del Verano: Alakally’s “Soy Un Puto” is the Song We Can’t Stop Playing

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Over three weeks ago we had a internal debate on summer jams. Where’s the next “Bailando”? The outcome of the debate was a staff list of Latin songs that will be everywhere this summer. But what if the real deal wasn’t out then?

While researching an unrelated subject for a music editorial assignment, Google all-mighty put Alakally’s “Soy Un Puto” on my musical path. Is this song the “earworm” of 2015? Yes it is and I will briefly explain why below.

 1- Love it or hate it. The title is so good Fher Olvera should consider borrowing it when penning his next single.
2- I have a 20 to 30 second attention span to consider songs/videos for editorial coverage. This got me in less than 5 seconds. It’s lyrically catchier than any other “dembow” out there.
3- While the lyrics seem superficial, it may actually stir controversy/dialogue on the different meanings of “puto” across Latin America. In this instance, Alakally is singing about an adventurous man-whore who scores with ladies everywhere. But if you edit that verse out, this could easily be the anthem of pride month.

4- This song inspires creativity. I’m already thinking of commissioning a video, remixes and possibly a dance routine.

5- You will be able to openly admit that you’re a “puto” at next week’s PERREO. False Witness has the song on cue.