El Triple Filtro Does Artiness With Catchy Warmth On New Single

Lead Photo: Photo by Armando Saldaña
Photo by Armando Saldaña
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Mexico City band El Triple Filtro are not the most prolific musicians in the city, but to reinforce a tried and true notion, they practice quality above quantity. This is the first we’ve heard from the band since their 2013 video for the song “The Vanquished.”

The band has a surge of activity recently, thanks to their spot at this year’s Ceremonia festival, as well as their new single “All This Time.” El Triple Filtro, who have been around for 12 years and have taken many forms – with up to 30 members at one point – find themselves in one of their best incarnations ever. They chalk up their style to their willingness to experiment (from doing sound installations in museums to radio review magazines) but there’s no two ways of going around it: dudes know how to write a song.

“All This Time” threatens to derail nu R&B from its race towards a music singularity in which any group with a soulful singer and electronic instrumentation are starting to sound the same. Singer Niki Nakazawa hits all the right notes, and there’s interesting sounds all over the song. Their take on music is very charismatic and peculiar, and although they wear their influences proudly, you’ll be hard pressed to find another artist sounding like them. Above all, “All This Time” is a playful, warm and melodic number that is grounded on earth but looking out to the stars. And it’s catchy as all fuck, so there’s that.

“All This Time” is the first sneak peek at their new, as yet untitled album.