Watch This Dancer Frolic on a Mexican Volcano in Ela Minus’ “Volcán” Video

Ela Minus’ latest EP, Grow, has been out for four months already, and each spin is still as heartwarming as ever. “Volcán,” its first single, will certainly brighten up your day. Its apocalyptic lyrics, celebratory spirit, and Ela Minus’ quirky voice really push us to dance like no one’s watching.

“Volcán” now has a music video, courtesy of Mexican production house Desde 1989. Director Daniel Patlán came up with a visual interpretation of the song that’s quite literal. The video shows a girl dancing in an arid setting at the Nevado de Toluca, which is actually a resting volcano located southwest of Mexico City. The footage is heavily filtered to showcase pink and blue shades, giving the desert landscape an almost extraterrestrial quality. It’s a simple idea, but it matches the song pretty well.

The “Volcán” video is the first of a new audiovisual project by Patlán called Club Salmón.

Ela Minus will open for Little Jesus in Mexico City on August 12. For more info, click here