Eladio Carrión & Bad Bunny’s “Kemba Walker” Is a Trap Triumph

Lead Photo: Photo by Stillz, Courtesy the artist
Photo by Stillz, Courtesy the artist
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It should come as no surprise that Eladio Carrión, who recently told Remezcla he “likes to trap sucio,” released a song with Bad Bunny. In “Kemba Walker” the somewhat unlikely yet sensible duo, both signed to Rimas Entertainment, go on a brazen rant about their blessings (which range from Lambos to, as any talented person can proudly claim, haters) with the occasional expected trash talk. The track, clocking out at a little over two minutes, was likely forcibly released ahead of schedule thanks to an overeager pirateador who spread it on the internet a couple of days ago.

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Cuando te piratean el tema🤦🏽‍♂️

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For Carrión, this is an opportunity to attain more widespread recognition, and then perhaps redirect people’s attention to his solo work ahead of his expected debut project Sauceboyz Vol. 1. For Bad Bunny, it’s an assignment he naturally aced, as it’s set in his natural habit – raw trap. In sharp contrast to both his work on Oasis and other recent collabs, yet perfect follow-up to “Bellacoso,” this makes it clear that the 25-year-old isn’t losing himself in the climb. Though his see-saw flow in and out of verbal slaps in the face, and thick, modulated voice will wash just about anybody out, Eladio holds his ground quite well here.

Bad Bunny’s energy from sad boi to cocky cabrón towards the end as he goes from “mientras mas pasa el tiempo yo menos confío” to “mas cabrón que yo? Loco no ha nacido,” is inspirational to be honest. May we all carry this energy today.

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