Puerto Rican Jazz Group Èmina’s “Kingky” Video Fights Taboos Around Women’s Sexuality

Lead Photo: Photo Courtesy the artist
Photo Courtesy the artist
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The video for Èmina’s “Kingky” begins with a trap door leading to a band rehearsal space, in which the star finds herself surrounded by dancing partners – all feminine – who lead her through a sort of dream-like sequence in which she experiences a euphoric sense of sexual freedom.

The carefully choreographed sensuality serves as a visual representation of the song’s smooth, jazz-like approach, with lyrics like “Tómame la mano y ponla endonde quieras ya,” propelling the narrative of an escape from the pressures of reality.

“We are really happy with the result of the video,” the band tells Remezcla. It’s a beautiful piece in which the feminine sensuality is seen as a pure, real expression, and is the main protagonist. The girls of Claroscuro made a spectacular performance that together with the direction of Yeya Monroig and her team of Como Imágenes created a really appealing visual piece. The perfect complement to our KINGKY song. “

“We’re clear that female sexuality shouldn’t be taboo anymore,” the band says. “Women have the same right as men to express their sexuality without being judged for it,” they add.

The video was directed by Yeya Monroig, in collaboration with the Claroscuro collective, and is the third single from the band’s upcoming album.

Check out the video here: