Empress Of Returns to Tell Off Her Haters in New Track “Go to Hell”

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Lorely Rodríguez has been hinting at the release of new Empress Of music for several days – her first since she put out the feminist loosie “Woman is a Word” in 2016 (we may or may not have lost sleep over it with excitement). Today, finally, we woke up to a link to a website with a pink background. It features a dreamy glamour shot of the Honduran producer and singer, some sparkly Blingee text, and a track titled “Go To Hell.”

“Go To Hell” is Rodríguez’s poppiest moment to date, from the expansive production work to the bubblegum melodies. Razor-sharp lyrics cut through the saccharine edges, as Rodríguez lashes out against all those people who don’t believe in her talent and determination. “Tell me about my potential/And if you were me, what you would do,” she says sarcastically to all the haters who think they know how to run her career. Let them have it, Lorely.

“Go To Hell” is available now through Terrible Records.