Empress Of Sings in Spanish and English on Two Radiant New Singles

Lead Photo: Courtesy of XL
Courtesy of XL
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After teasing new music on Instagram for months, Empress Of has finally shared two new gorgeous – and bilingual – songs we instantly fell in love with. “Trust Me Baby” and “In Dreams” are her first solo tracks since her razor-sharp 2017 single “Go to Hell,” and her first Spanish-language lyrics since “Agua Agua.” Both of them highlight her expert skills as a songwriter and a producer, which match her creative pop ambitions with a singular point of view.

“Trust Me Baby” has the same candor that made Rodriguez’s 2015 debut album Me a success. She sings about an out-of-balance relationship with a controlling partner, and she asks them to simply trust her. “Cada vez que me preguntas quién es/Lees mis mensajes/Nuestro amor sufre,” she confesses, a truth she finally shares so it doesn’t rot inside her.

Slowly unfolding into an understated nighttime fantasy, “In Dreams” is a first-person tale about loving a person when she’s sleeping, but not so much in real life. Her stunning vocal melodies flow like a breeze through palm trees, and the rhythm is contagious, pulling us towards it like the ocean’s undercurrent.