Empress Of Wanders in the Woods and Roams NYC’s Busy Streets in the “Icon” Video

What do you do when every single song on your album is a hit? If you ask Empress Of, she’ll probably advise you to keep releasing them as singles, since that’s basically her case. She just put out the music video for her fifth single, “Icon,” off her breathtaking debut album Me, a song she acknowledges as one of her favorites.

The video was directed by Eli Born and produced by Urban Outfitters for the 24th installment of their UO Music Video Series. Here, we find Lorely Rodriguez right at the center of the visuals. The clip features beautiful shots of her wandering in the woods in upstate New York, and driving and walking across New York City. She appears by herself throughout the video, even if she’s in the middle of a crowded club. It underscores the song’s lyrics, especially when she sings, “I’m just in a room with the lights on/and there’s no one who knows I’m their icon.” She makes tea, meditates in a hammock, and dances among the leaves, an image of solitude that somehow also references the way she wrote and recorded her entire album last year in a little town in Mexico. For some behind-the-scenes photos, click here.

Speaking of Mexico, don’t miss the chance to catch her live at the 2016 edition of Festival Nrmal.