Empress Of Gets Intimate With a Bodybuilder in the “Standard” Video

Empress Of‘s debut album, Me, finally saw the light today, and it’s as good as we thought it’d be. Every track she’s released from it has just been hit after hit, and her most recent single, “Standard,” certainly isn’t an exception. It showcases Lorely Rodríguez‘s voice at its strongest, right in the middle of heavy basslines and key changes. She croons about her desire to live beyond the low standards expected of her.

To celebrate the release of Me, she’s just shared a music video for “Standard,” which was directed by Zaiba Jabbar and Rodríguez herself.  The clip is strong in its simplicity. She’s shown performing the song upside down, held by a huge bodybuilder, and she spends most of the video like that. You can see them in a rather interesting intimate setting, where they both take care of each other. He brushes her hair, she paints his nails, and so on.