Ensō Collective Present ‘Loop,’ a Multimedia Music-Sculpture-Digital Masterpiece

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Ensō Collective has made it clear from the very beginning that their project is about more than just music. As their name implies, Ensō is a collaborative effort led by Mexican Parches from his New York home-base, made up of artists from a wide range of disciplines. Cann has worked on albums by Yoko Ono, and some of her sensibilities seem to have influencedhis approach to art; case in point, Loop is a disc that can be transformed into a multicolored 3D sculpture when folded.


‘Loop’ disc before.
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‘Loop’ Disc after.
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Loop is the first Ensō recording, a collection of eight songs written and played by Parches. But that’s just the beginning. Each release has a code that allows you to access online content including texts, images, GIFs, videos, software experiments and even more music made by many different artists. No two codes are alike, and in total, Loop encompasses 200 works of art. The eight songs that make up the core of Loop are sweeping, electro-Baroque symphonic pieces, with gentle synths and glitchy rhythms overlaid with Julio’s no-nonsense vocals. Songs like “On Slowing Down” give off a whiff of the David Byrne/Brian Eno collab My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts – had it been recorded for the Warp label.

This promises to be the beginning of something beautiful and highly creative.