Eric Curiel Is Back With Psych-Pop Love Song “Confidentes”

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Following his 2014 release La Llamada de lo ideal (Prima Crush), Tijuana’s veteran guitarist Eric Curiel is back with “Confidentes,” a psych-pop love song. Curiel, a multifaceted and prolific musician, is a member of Shantelle, PL DVNA, Electric Healing Sound, Dancing Strangers, and performs solo as Perros Cobardes and presently as Eric Curiel. What some might perceive as scatterbrained may actually just be his natural talent and range, which he showcases in his solo material.

On “Confidentes,” we hear a few changes in Curiel’s approach since his previous album. For one, we hear his voice at the forefront, layered atop full band arrangements, finally coming out of the shoegaze-y, loop-based haze heard on La Llamada. It’s a groovy, melancholic track for fans of Chilean pop and/or Kurt Vile.