Erick Rincón’s “Bien Loco” Remix Shows He’s More Than a Tribal Wunderkind

Lead Photo: Erick Rincon
Erick Rincon
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Erick Rincón took a break from making his pounding tribal beats to flip Nova y Jory’s 2009 hit “Bien Loco,” and the result is a sexy groove primed for the bedroom. The new version features only Jory’s looped vocals floating above a bed of warm synths and bass house leanings that certainly depart from his best-known work as Mexico’s tribal wunderkind.

On his SoundCloud page, Rincón says of the remix: “Sometimes it’s good to share different things; in fact, I would [like to] do it more often,” before encouraging his fans to explore his page for “a lot of different stuff, from cumbia & baile, to bass house & trap!”

We’re pleased to see Rincón venturing out of his wheelhouse. If this “Bien Loco” mix is any indication, he certainly has a knack for babymaking jams, and hopefully we’ll get more in the future.