Exclusive: Dengue Dengue Dengue Delve Deeper into Andean Electronic on “Proa” Remix

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Argentinian trio Tremor is part of a string of artists who explore the roots of Latin American folklore, specifically Andean sounds, and to bring them into electronic territories. And while some of you might immediately think “cumbia,” it only takes a single listen of their latest album, Proa (2013, Wonderwheel Recordings,) to realize they are so much more than that. Now, they are about to release Proa Remixed, which includes 11 remixes of seven of the songs from that album, made by like-minded fellow producers like Barrio Lindo, El Buho, Filastine, and many more.

Dengue Dengue Dengue were also invited to this project, and here we have an exclusive premiere of their contribution. The Peruvian duo remixed “Proa,” the ninth track on the album. While the original version feels very organic and even neurotic and tense around the middle, the guys from Dengue raised the BPMs and turned it into a more straightforward and club-ready track. In the intro of the song we get loops of the original string sounds for over a minute, right until the beat kicks in and it all sounds deep and gigantic. The distorted sounds from the Tremor version are kept, and so is the bombo legüero that rides throughout the whole song.

Proa Remixed is out December 2 on Wonderwheel Recordings. Preorder it here.