Exclusive: If You Like Grizzly Bear, You’ll Like Las Liebres’ Latest Album

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Rock Juvenil, the record company started by the members of the Mexican band Neon Walrus, is proud to present the latest release from Argentine duo Las Liebres. In case you aren’t familiar with their past work, they sound just like their label: youthful rock that spans decades.

Federico Delbon and Iñaki Zubieta have had a very prolific run with their musical union, producing three prior albums and other assorted material. They have been making a name for themselves around Latin America with their brand of smooth psych vibes.

Reverberaciones is a bouncy but trippy affair, a collection of songs that go down (or should I say come down?) easy. It’s poppy yet askew, synths and melodies keep things light and breezy while the clean guitar runs sometimes seem like they are going out of tune; and their vocal melodies and harmonies are picture perfect lessons learned from Seventies prog masters Yes via contemporary champions like Grizzly Bear. Their stuff could be a fusion of sounds from the Sixties, Eighties and the weird new millennium.

Listen to the album thanks to the good people at Rock Juvenil and NWLA.