Exclusive: The Mysterious Benfika’s Moody All My Friends Festival Mix

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We’re only days away from the start All My Friends festival, held in Baja California, where attendees will be able to enjoy three days of great bands, amazing food courtesy of #CocinaCentral, and the Pacific beaches of Rosarito. In pre-game preparation, check out this exclusive mix put together by the mysterious Mexican producer Benfika, who’s also part of the festival’s line-up, alongside Protistas, Princess Nokia, San Pedro El Cortez, Siete Catorce, and many more.

We know little about who Benfika is, but we do know his obscure electronic music tendencies through his great debut EP, 121214, released by Infinite Machine. This mix is further proof of his affinity for dark atmospheres, warped sounds, and genre-bending, since it’s laden with all of that. The tracklist-less mix, which may or may not contain original songs, is a 52-minute beast that’s filled with music that resembles house, techno, glitch, dub, and UK rhythms, all connected through a somber theme, the use of space and saturation, noisy textures, and clattery, machine-like beats. Hit play and hear it for yourself.

Don’t sleep on Benfika’s 121214 EP, which is out on Infinite Machine; and catch him and more great acts live on All My Friends this June 19th-21st at Sunio Beach Club, in Rosarito, BC.